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GITA LEADS contest is an online education initiative whereby through the medium of a contest people can
access the unparalleled wisdom of Bhagavad Gita, apply it in their lives and can develop divine virtues
which are so much missing in today’s society.

In last three years more than 18,000 Students participated in Mumbai alone and over 1,00,000 all over India. To further make this wisdom available to more and more people, we have made registration
free for all participants with free online access to course material and exams.

"Gita leads" Contest does not charge any registration fees and runs based on distributing hard copies of course material and through sponsorships. If you would like to help us in reaching out to more and more people in order to share with them the message of Bhagavad Gita then you may kindly mentione your contact coordinates in the box below

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We provide tax exemption under 80G for any amount more than Rs. 1200.

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